Reliable Migration

from Confluence6+ to SharePoint Online

Use our migration tool WikiTraccs to quickly and reliably migrate content from Confluence to SharePoint.

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(Also plan for after the migration. Get WikiPakk, the SharePoint page tree and breadcrumb.)

Now is the time to migrate. Atlassian is changing its licensing model and Confluence Server is end-of-life in February 2024. You've got Microsoft 365 licenses anyway, giving every user access to modern SharePoint pages.

Migrating from Confluence to SharePoint needs a great amount of manual labor or special tooling. This is a digital content transformation, not just a migration. How to handle rich content and macros? How to ensure the quality of the transformation? How to be sure all content is properly migrated?

WikiTraccs is the answer, providing high-quality content transformation from Confluence to SharePoint Online.

You can start using WikiTraccs at any time and use it to start your Confluence to SharePoint migration immediately. It is constantly evolving.

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Included today in WikiTraccs

  • convert Confluence pages to SharePoint Online pages
  • convert many Confluence macros (see here )
  • text formatting
  • tables
  • images
  • external images
  • attachments
  • task lists
  • multi-column layouts
  • convert people mentions to people search links
  • preserve links between pages
  • download and transfer externally linked images
  • transformation report per page
  • page permissions as far as SharePoint allows
  • user and group mapping
  • metadata like editor and modification date
  • multilingual pages

WikiTraccs is constantly evolving

  • more metadata of pages and attachments
  • more macro conversions
  • page comments
  • optimizing performance
  • extending Confluence Cloud support
  • more authentication options

WikiTraccs so far has been used to migrate tens of thousands of Confluence pages and hundreds of gigabytes of attachments to SharePoint Online.