Announcing WikiTraccs

WikiTraccs migrates content from Confluence to SharePoint Online

I’m delighted to announce the first public release of WikiTraccs.

What is WikiTraccs?

WikiTraccs is a migration tool for Confluence to SharePoint Online migrations.

Which problem does it solve and who needs it?

WikiTraccs makes migrating content from Atlassian Confluence to SharePoint Online easier. It contains hundreds of transformation rules for a wide range of Confluence formattings, structures and macros.

A migration from Confluence might be beneficial for:

  • users of Confluence Server, since Atlassian will eventually phase out Server, urging users to migrate to Confluence Data Center or Confluence Cloud
  • users of Confluence Data Center, because it only buys some time before migrating to the Atlassian cloud might be inevitable
  • users of Confluence Cloud, because of license costs

Often Microsoft 365 licenses are available already, covering the use of SharePoint Online modern pages to display wiki content. In this case SharePoint Online is a potential target for the migration.

Is it ready for production?

No, not yet. The current release is an early access version. This means the basics work but a lot is still to be done.

The focus of this first release is to migrate content and structure of Confluence pages as reliable as possible. This includes:

  • Text
  • Formatting like bold, italics, underline etc.
  • Text colors and background colors
  • Headings
  • Task lists
  • Emoticons
  • Complex tables
  • Images, internal and external
  • Mentions
  • Page and attachment links, on the same page and to different pages and spaces
  • Layouts with multiple columns and rows
  • Macros - a wide range is supported out of the box, for unknown ones generic rules are applied

It has been tested on thousands of Confluence pages and dozens of gigabytes of images and attachments. Since every Confluence is unique with regard to its content there will be cases not covered. But those will be covered over time as feedback comes in.

WikiTraccs keeps track of every word that is present in a source Confluence page and checks if it is present in the target SharePoint page as well. It highlights pages where this is not the case. Thus pages with lacking transformation success can be identified easily and immediately.

The Feature Overview page will eventually cover all supported and not yet supported types of Confluence content and metadata.

You can also read more about how WikiTraccs works in How does WikiTraccs work?.

Which Confluence versions are supported?

WikiTraccs so far has been tested mostly with current releases of Confluence Server 7. It also works with Confluence Cloud but has not been optimized in this direction.

How do I get started?

Have a look at How to get started?

If you want to get in touch have a look at the options you have for logging issues, start discussions or just give feedback.

What’s the meaning of “WikiTraccs”?

“WikiTraccs” is short for “Wiki Transformation Accelerators”. WikiTraccs for Confluence should indeed accelerate things compared to a manual migration.

There are a lot of interesting topics to be covered which will be done in a future posts!