What to expect from WikiTraccs?

So what can you expect from the migration tool WikiTraccs? Or even more general: What to expect from any migration tool?

I often demo WikiTraccs to potential customers. Those demos spark discussions around the future structure, navigation patterns, usage scenarios, and more.

These are all topics that need to be worked on in the context of a migration project.

WikiTraccs can support your migration efforts.

It can migrate content from spaces to sites. It can migrate permissions and metadata. It has certain limitations. And it has distinct capabilities.

But there are things that WikiTraccs is not meant to do.

So let’s turn the headline around.

What to not expect from WikiTraccs

The following topics need to be worked on in the context of a transformation workshop, a migration project, or whatever format you choose to generate answers:

  • choose what to migrate - content only? metadata? permissions?
  • make decisions about which content goes from where to where - which spaces need to be migrated? which archived? which deleted? which sites do we migrate to? how many are there? how are they created? use new ones or existing ones?
  • know the amount of content to migrate (at least not in a demo context) - 10, 100 or 1000 spaces? 1000, 10000 or 100000 pages? 10, 100 or 1000 GB of attachments?
  • plan an access scheme for the SharePoint sites - users, groups, permissions given at which level in the SharePoint hierarchy of elements?
  • decide which macros are important for users, and which not
  • choose a strategy for your migration - big bang or in waves? who needs to be informed? how? when?
  • choose migration environments - need test environments? how many? where do those come from? how exact do they need resemble the production environment?
  • …and more, driven by your use cases

WikiTraccs cannot do this for you.

So what to expect from WikiTraccs?

WikiTraccs will help you realize the plans you made.

Let’s assume the following simplified migration plan:

  • 📄 migrate all Confluence pages, from all spaces (10000 pages overall; 20000 attachments, mostly images)
  • 🏗️ one target site for each source space
  • 👥 keep page author and editor, no permissions
  • 📝 accept that macros will mostly be lost and plan to educate users accordingly
  • ⚙️ run multiple test migrations
  • 📅 choose a weekend for the final migration

Here’s how WikiTraccs has got your back:

  • 📄 WikiTraccs migrates content and metadata
  • 🏗️ WikiTraccs migrates according to your space-to-site mapping
  • 👥 WikiTraccs replaces Confluence user accounts by Azure AD accounts according to your mapping
  • 📝 WikiTraccs handles macros according to the known macros list
  • ⚙️ you test-migrate as often as you need (the license is not bound to volumes of data)
  • 📅 using the experience from multiple test migrations verify a migration time of about 2 days

A demo is a good way to see this in action.

Testing yourself is even better. You can quickly put above steps into action in your environment.

Give it a try!

Give WikiTraccs a try and check out its transformation capabilities!

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