WikiTraccs 1.3.13

Solving very specific Issues

This release solves two issues that cropped up in migrations.

The first issue is #51 that needs support for handling Confluence images that are in fact… videos. WikiTraccs should now detect those and apply the current default handling for videos: adding a link to the page that points to the video file in the attachments.

The second issue is #46 where it surfaced that Confluence can return duplicate page IDs when being asked for a space’s pages. WikiTraccs now de-duplicates the list of pages that it receives from Confluence which hopefully solves this issue (via #52).

Note: Of tremendous help while diagnosing those issues were WikiTraccs log files. There’s a page dedicated to those log files, where to find them, and how they help: Troubleshooting Strategies. It’s best to always send them over as described on the page.