WikiTraccs 1.4.6

Bugfixes and more status info in WikiTraccs.GUI

This release fixes a timezone-related bug that could mark all pages as outdated in the progress log files. Note that this only affects the log files and not page metadata.

Furthermore the progress bars showing space migration progress should now behave and properly reach their end after migrating all Confluence pages of a space to SharePoint.

WikiTraccs.GUI got a small log text field highlighting important information like “X outdated pages were found” or “All done”. This information is also available in the live console window and the log files, but it’s friendlier and quicker to have it right in the GUI.

The behavior of the space migration progress bars has been slightly changed. They will reach 100% even if outdated pages were found and subsequently skipped. But the new log text window will highlight the fact that there were outdated pages. The progress log files then provide a detailed list of those pages.