WikiTraccs v1.6.8

Better scheduling for large spaces, and Confluence Cloud login fix

So far WikiTraccs first got the list of pages for a space and then started migrating those pages.

Unfortunately, with increasing page count, Confluence gets slower in providing the page list (see #63). This meant so far that you had to wait quite some time until WikiTraccs started migrating a large space.

This has been changed. After retrieving the first pages for a space WikiTraccs already starts migrating those. This should save some time when migrating large spaces (> 15000 pages).

Getting the pages is done in batches, so a list of 15000 pages is not retrieved at once, but in smaller batches. The batch size so far was 100, this has been increased to 200, which seems to be a maximum. Please open a support ticket if this does not work in your environment.

Two issues around Confluence Cloud have been resolved as well, namely #28 and #65, which prevented successful login detection.

Note: This is marked as a pre-release for now because the scheduling logic changed quite a bit and will be monitored until the next release.