WikiTraccs v1.6.29

  • improvement: hardening against connection errors
    • page creation is now retried several times, with increasing delays
    • space page retrieval and site preparation is retried as well
  • improvement: adding logging for throttling; when the app is throttled by Microsoft this is now visible as log message in the console while it previously could sit and wait for minutes without saying anything
  • improvement: lock busting for site preparation locks; when there was an issue during site preparation the stale lock is now undone after a couple of minutes; this should unblock the most common scenarios where provisioning gets stuck at this point
  • improvement: creating a new log file with every start of the application; this allows for easier log analysis
  • improvement: displaying the version number in WikiTraccs.GUI
  • fix: space processing stops when mapped to an inaccessible SharePoint site; this is now skipped and logged
  • fix: enabling/disabling of minor library versions when migrating to multiple new sites

Note: When running on an AWS EC2 instance, in a private subnet, behind a NAT gateway WikiTraccs’ connections to SharePoint are terminated frequently. This seems to be a known issue in said environment when apps use connection pooling. This release should allow migrating nevertheless as it adds retry loops for certain operations. The migration time thus will be increased in such an AWS environment.