WikiTraccs v1.9.0

Storing the raw Confluence page contents in SharePoint

The raw storage format XML (background) of migrated Confluence pages is now being stored in a SharePoint document library Confluence Content Snapshots (WikiTraccs). You can find this library in the WikiTraccs site, it will be automatically created with your next migration.

The raw page content can help adjusting pages later on, e.g. when new SharePoint web parts become available, and allow the development of client add-ons that conduct additional tasks.

Refer to this sample PowerShell script on how to get the storage format XML for a migrated page: get-confluence-snapshots.

Comments migration

Footer comments can now be migrated and will become content of the migrated page (in case of multiple migrated translations, they will be added to the main page). This is the first approach to tackle #15 (please chime in if you have ideas or feedback).

Notes regarding comments migration:

  • opt-in; you can enable comment migration in the settings, default is off image
  • for now this covers footer comments, not inline comments
  • the raw storage format XML for comments is stored with the page’s in the Confluence Content Snapshots (WikiTraccs) list; this also includes inline comments, including resolved ones; you might access those comments there, if you need
  • migrating comments could bring pages to the maximum size of ~2MB (technical limitation of SharePoint); switch comment migration off if you experience errors

Other changes

  • new: adding a button to quickly jump to the WikiTraccs.GUI config file folder (to back it up or reset it) image
  • improved: the WikiTraccs.GUI settings now properly initialize with the WikiTraccs.Console default migration settings, when being opened for the first time (e.g. blog post migration is on by default)
  • improved: adding hidden excerpt macros to the default Macro Ignore List image
  • improved: the result of the Show Config as Text option is now more compatible with the appsettings.json format, that is used to configure WikiTraccs.Console