WikiTraccs v1.10.8 (Preview)

Jira issue table snapshots - part 2

The last preview release of WikiTraccs did not consider all Jira issue tables for transformation. This has been extended.

@-mention issues - part 2

There was a lingering user cache corruption issue that affected user mentions and could be triggered when switching WikiTraccs releases. This would make user mentions to be displayed as “User {{ID}}” instead of the user name.

I could finally identify and fix the root cause. Thank you Kees for providing me with valuable information. This is self-healing. Broken cache entries will be identified and purged.

Changes to inline images in lists

Microsoft is currently upgrading the technological basis of the text editor web part and breaks certain layouts in the process, but only when you edit pages.

Read about the background here:

With this release WikiTraccs changes the way bullet point lists and numbered lists with images are transformed.

Assume a page that has this content:

1. first point 2. second point with image    <image> 3. third point

Now when editing such a page SharePoint’s auto-upgrade kicks in and modifies the content to look like this:

1. first point <image> 1. second point with image                  2. third point

See how the layout and list numbering is screwed up?

Since I don’t expect Microsoft to do anything about this WikiTraccs now separates the text content and the images, like so:

🚧 Note: Some images were moved beneath the list as SharePoint does not support images in lists 1. first point 2. second point with image    🚧 See image 1.1 3. third point

<image> 🚧 Image 1.1 (moved)

This seemed like the only possible thing to do that doesn’t look too bad. Please let me know if you have better ideas. I just want to emphasize that SharePoint does not allow images to be placed in lists anymore. This is a regression in my books, but maybe it will be possible again in some future.

This change is active as of this release and affects newly migrated pages.