WikiTraccs v1.11.6 (Prerelease)


  • new: setting to switch off attachment sections on pages (via appsettings.json)
  • improved: link transformation now creates much shorter HTML for transformed links; this can help with large pages that previously ran into the platform limit of 2 MB per page
  • improved: cross-site attachment handling
  • improved: Confluence connection handling for better performance
  • fix: images linking to pages could lose the link
  • fix: file access issue in Selenium proxy
  • fix: attachment file names that are invalid on Windows could prevent pages from being migrated

Image transformation adjustments

TL;DR: Just for information, nothing to do.

Adjacent images are now transformed to a column of centered images in SharePoint. Adjacent image placement kind of worked for the old text web part that was used by SharePoint pages up until fall of 2023. The new text web part that Microsoft introduced cannot display adjacent images anymore, at all. No chance. So the default image transformation now shows the ugly truth and makes those images appear centered, one by one. I really hope that the SharePoint pages story evolves in the future to support adjacent images.

Converting adjacent images to single centered images is the new default behavior.

Note: You can get the old behavior back via appsettings.json:

"CustomSettings": {
  "Features": {
    "UseCkEditorv5Mode": false

Using above setting will continue to create pages that display adjacent images until you edit a page for the first time. SharePoint’s page auto-upgrade will then re-arrange the images.

Note: A future release of WikiTraccs will introduce the option to convert adjacent images to image gallery web parts.