WikiTraccs v1.11.9 (Prerelease)

Page Label Migration

Finally page labels are migrated as well. With this release WikiTraccs creates a new field Confluence: Labels (WikiTraccs) for the SharePoint Site Pages Library, that is of type Multiple lines of text, that will contain the labels for each page.

Why not migrate to managed metadata instead of text? Because it complicates things. Migrating as managed metadata would introduce dependencies to the term store, which might pull in additional stakeholders with regard to permissions, administration, and knowledge management. And what if you want to use a choice field instead? Those are decisions specific to each migration effort.

The current migration approach for page labels is to put them all into the Confluence: Labels (WikiTraccs) field, separated by the space character (which cannot occur in a label). All labels have a prefix. Valid prefixes in Confluence are “global”, “team”, and “my”.

So, for a page that has two labels foo and bar, the Site Pages library field Confluence: Labels (WikiTraccs) will have this content: global:foo global:bar.

You can use a PowerShell script to copy those values to another field of type managed metadata. And maybe clean them up a bit in the process.

Other Changes

  • improvement: Confluence code macro titles are now migrated as well, becoming code comments in the SharePoint Code Snippet web part