WikiTraccs v1.11.12 (Prerelease)

Jira Integration Improvements

So far, there were two assumptions baked into WikiTraccs: Jira can be reached to resolve issue links and issue tables, and WikiTraccs will wait for 60 seconds for Jira to respond. This is now more flexible.

  • the maximum wait time for reaching out to Jira can now be configured via the appsettings.json -> WiggleRoom.JiraMaxWaitTimeSec setting; this wait time is applied each time the the Jira-related Confluence endpoint is called
  • set WiggleRoom.JiraMaxWaitTimeSec to -1 to disable reaching out to Jira while migrating pages from Confluence to SharePoint; this is handy when the Jira application link is no longer functional
  • and a bug has been fixed: issue tables that showed the fixVersion always ran into a timeout when being migrated