WikiTraccs 1.14.2

More Authentication Methods

Adding Personal Access Token as authentication method for Confluence, as well as Device Login for SharePoint Online.

Using Personal Access Tokens with Confluence makes the browser automation obsolete, that WikiTraccs so far relied on. This is available as of Confluence 7.9 and makes the authentication experience smoother. We are not dependent on the Chrome browser anymore. This also works with Confluence Cloud (where they are called API tokens).

With Device Login for SharePoint you can authenticate on a different workstation than the one WikiTraccs is running on. There are cases where M365 authentication causes challenges in certain environments and Device Login allows logging in on another workstation.

Performance Improvements

  • improved: page creation speed
  • fix: memory leak causing memory consumption to increase when running for days

There have been adjustments to the page creation logic, as now, while one page is being created, the next page is already being prepared in SharePoint. This can improve page creation speed (the raw page without attachments) up to about 25%. It is currently being monitored if this leads to increased throttling by Microsoft, as we are moving faster than before.

Confluence Cloud Compatibility Push

This release contains a major change regarding how users and groups are identified internally. So far, WikiTraccs used user keys and group names to identify users and groups. The cloud abandons the use of those and rather uses IDs everywhere. WikiTraccs can now handle those as well.

You’ll see a change in user- and group-related fields in the User and Group Mapping list, the Page Transations list, and the Site Pages list. Fields that used to contain user keys like abc123def now contain an identifier like user:key:atlassian:|onprem|abc123def (for users) or group:id:atlassian:|cloud|123456789 (for groups). Those identifiers explicitly specify the type, source, and (of course) value, which is vital for WikiTraccs when looking up and working with users and groups.

This change is backward-compatible. Identifiers that aren’t following the new format are assumed to be on-prem user keys or on-prem group names, respectively.

This change closes two issues which were open on the road to full Confluence Cloud compatibility:

The following issues are addressed at least partially:

The releases also gradually starts using Atlassian’s v2 API in the cloud.

Other Changes

  • change: SharePoint page comments are not disabled anymore for newly created pages, as this speeds up page creation; if you want to disable comments, please use this PowerShell script from the library: ToggleCommentsForPages.ps1
  • fix: path configuration via appsettings.json of WikiTraccs.GUI did not carry over to WikiTraccs.Console (attachment registry path, temp folder path)
  • fix: a current directory that differs from the WikiTraccs.GUI.exe folder could screw things up (appsettings.json not found, logs folder created somewhere else); now the current directory of WikiTraccs.GUI is forced to be the exe location
  • fix: a vertical tab character in a page’s title could prevent another page that link to that page from being created