WikiTraccs 1.14.8

This release introduces a setting to disable link transformation for unmapped entries in the Space Inventory.

Background: So far, all Confluence links (page links, space links, attachment links) are transformed to SharePoint links. If there are entries in the Space Inventory where the target SharePoint site address is empty, the link will be mapped to the default target site (the address entered in the blue WikiTraccs.GUI window, in step 4).

Now there is a setting to restrict link transformation to only those entries in the Space Inventory that explicitly have a target SharePoint site address set. Other links will point to Confluence.

The setting is available via appsettings.json:

    "CustomSettings": {
        "Features": {
            "LinkTransformationMode": "needexplicittargetsite"

Note: Hard links to Confluence spaces are not covered, yet. This is a known limitation and will be added in a future release.


  • fix: on-prem Confluence groups are not always added to Confluence User and Groups list (a regression introduced with the previous release 1.14.2)
  • fix: hard links to Confluence attachments were transformed to page links