WikiTraccs 1.17.4

This release contains a lot of under the hood changes for Confluence Cloud API v2 compatibility (see issue #118 for details). This required some major changes with regard to spaces, as those need to be identified by ID and not alone by key.

Further changes:

  • new: setting to prevent attachment migration; this can be enabled via appsettings.json like so:
    • {
          "CustomSettings": {
              "Features": {
                  "SkipAttachmentDownload": true
    • note: setting SkipAttachmentDownload to true pretends that all Confluence pages have no attachments; page transformation will act as if attachments are missing when generating links to attachments and images that are expected to be there
    • note: you’ll see the following log message per transformed page if the setting is active: “Skipping attachment download (by simulating empty attachment list) because Features.SkipAttachmentDownload is set to true | WikiTraccs.Console.Registries.ConfluenceContentRegistry”
  • improvement: speeding up page retrieval by caching already retrieved page contents
  • improvement: sometimes link transformation fails for linked-to pages that are not retrievable via title (for unknown reason); CQL-based retrieval has been added as workaround
  • improvement: reenabling inline images in lists as Microsoft fixed the underlying bug in the page editor
  • fix: space link in Space Inventory is incomplete for personal spaces
  • fix: page links in transformed attachment macro might be broken after the first link
  • fix: link transformation fails for links that point to a blog post by title and there are multiple blog posts with this title
  • fix: issue when downloading external images and the file name is extraordinarily long
  • fix: hard-link resolver tries to get page info for hard-linked page draft; those are now ignored

Confluence Cloud:

  • new: resolving Confluence data cards linking to Jira issue lists (interactive auth only, see #123 for details)