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  • Migrating large Confluence spaces to SharePoint

    Sunday, July 02, 2023 in News

    Featured Image for Migrating large Confluence spaces to SharePoint

    How does WikiTraccs determine which pages to migrate for a space? When WikiTraccs starts to migrate a space to SharePoint it retrieves the full list of pages for this space. Say a space contains 20000 pages. WikiTraccs retrieves basic information …

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  • WikiTraccs v1.6.8

    Thursday, June 22, 2023 in Releases

    Better scheduling for large spaces, and Confluence Cloud login fix So far WikiTraccs first got the list of pages for a space and then started migrating those pages. Unfortunately, with increasing page count, Confluence gets slower in providing the …

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  • WikiTraccs v1.6.6

    Sunday, June 18, 2023 in Releases

    Promoting blog posts and adding statistics for hard links This release has two additions to features added in the last releases. Blog posts that have been migrated from Confluence to SharePoint are now promoted to news posts in SharePoint, so they …

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  • WikiTraccs v1.6.4

    Saturday, June 17, 2023 in Releases

    Transforming Confluence “hard links” Confluence kind of monitors links between pages. When updating the title of a page Confluence takes care of updating incoming links to this page. Those links are called soft links and should be the …

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  • WikiTraccs v1.5.0

    Thursday, June 15, 2023 in Releases

    Migrating blog posts! So far the focus has been on migrating Confluence pages to SharePoint with blog posts getting not much demand. But this is something of the past. WikiTraccs now supports migrating blog posts to SharePoint as well. Blog post …

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  • WikiTraccs 1.4.6

    Tuesday, June 13, 2023 in Releases

    Bugfixes and more status info in WikiTraccs.GUI This release fixes a timezone-related bug that could mark all pages as outdated in the progress log files. Note that this only affects the log files and not page metadata. Furthermore the progress bars …

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  • WikiTraccs 1.4.2

    Thursday, June 08, 2023 in Releases

    Additional Language Migration Mode This release adds the first additional language migration mode: migrate all languages of a Confluence page to one target SharePoint page. This is the new default setting. This is relevant for Confluence pages that …

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  • WikiTraccs 1.3.14

    Tuesday, June 06, 2023 in Releases

    More Sanity Checks when using WikiTraccs.GUI There is a list of nuisances that got smaller with this release: the Confluence connection test now also checks if the API can be reached; so far this only happened when starting the migration, creating a …

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  • WikiTraccs 1.3.13

    Sunday, June 04, 2023 in Releases

    Solving very specific Issues This release solves two issues that cropped up in migrations. The first issue is #51 that needs support for handling Confluence images that are in fact… videos. WikiTraccs should now detect those and apply the …

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  • WikiTraccs 1.3.8

    Friday, June 02, 2023 in Releases

    This release fixes an issue where preparing a target SharePoint site failed when running WikiTraccs on a non-English system for a site with non-English default language, with a user that has English set as default language.

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