WikiTraccs Hotspots

This article covers topics that are often hotspots in a demo or while evaluating WikiTraccs as migration tool.

🔥 How does a Confluence migration to SharePoint look like?

  • Watch a video showing the whole process of migrating from Confluence to SharePoint with WikiTraccs: Getting Started.
  • Get more broader input for your migration process planning and validation: Migration Playbook.

🔥 How to test WikiTraccs? How does purchasing and licensing WikiTraccs work?

  • You find everyting around the free WikiTraccs Trial Version, the paid WikiTraccs Full Edition, and much more in the FAQ section of the Pricing page.

🔥 How to get started? How to install WikiTraccs? Prerequisites?

  • The video on this pages covers the download and start of WikiTraccs: Getting Started.
  • Registering the Azure AD application - why we need it and how it can be configured - is covered in this blog post: Registering WikiTraccs as app in Azure AD.
  • Confluence versions 6, 7 and 8 are supported; with Confluence Cloud your mileage might vary (see issue #24)

🔥 What can be migrated by WikiTracs? What do the results look like?

🔥 How to migrate permissions, and metadata like page authors and dates?

🔥 What about delta migrations? How to update migrated pages?

  • WikiTraccs won’t touch SharePoint pages that are already migrated; you can delete SharePoint pages and re-start the migration and WikiTraccs will create them again. (Feature Request)

🔥 How can I stay up-to-date about new releases?

  • You should turn on notifications about new releases on GitHub. You’ll never miss a new release.
  • You can subscribe to the blog RSS feed, although this is more to be up to date in general, independent of specific releases.

🌳 How to replicate most-wanted Confluence functionality?

  • Page Breadcrumb: WikiPakk creates a dynamic breadcrumb for every page
  • Page Tree: WikiPakk offers a page tree in SharePoint that resembles what users know from Confluence
Last modified July 12, 2023