Information about purchasing products of the Wiki Transformation Project.

How to purchase?

Purchases are initiated via checkout forms linked on the product’s web sites and from quotes.

For WikiTraccs, the Confluence to SharePoint Migration Tool, choose the Proceed to checkout option on the WikiTraccs Pricing page.

For WikiPakk, the Page Tree Experience, choose the BUY NOW option on the WikiPakk Pricing page.

If you received a quote link or PDF, use the checkout link in the quote.

Merchant, Biller

We use the e-commerce platforms FastSpring and Lemon Squeezy to handle billing, payments, taxes, and subscription management.

Those platforms are sometimes referred to as merchant of record. They’ll act as invoicing party.

The checkout forms on the web site use FastSpring.


Prices are listed on the product’s pricing pages.

For WikiTraccs, the Confluence to SharePoint Migration Tool, see WikiTraccs Pricing.

For WikiPakk, the Page Tree Experience, see WikiPakk Pricing.

Common Questions

Can I get a quote?

Yes. Please get in touch via email and provide your billing information (email, name, address, tax/VAT ID if applicable).

Can I get a form W-8 or form W-9?

Yes. You need the W-9 of either FastSpring or Lemon Squeezy. For FastSpring this is available here for download: W-9.

Can I create a tax-exempt order (e.g. as state entity)?

Yes. To create a tax-exempt order the following information is required:

  • a document proving the tax-exempt status, e.g. form ST-119.1
  • recipient information: email, first name, last name, billing address

Please get in touch via email to have the order created.

Can I get a refund?

No. For WikiTraccs, please use the trial version of the WikiTraccs Confluence to SharePoint migration tool to check if it suits your needs. The trial version is free and no credit card or sign-up is required for testing.

For WikiPakk the same applies. Get it from App Source and test until you are convinced.

Are educational discounts available?

No, there are currently no educational discounts to offer.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can download the invoice after purchasing.

Alternatively you can get in touch via email to have a custom order created and an invoice generated.

Can I get the invoice updated?

Yes. Please get in touch via email.

What are the available purchase methods?

See above section How to purchase? and How to purchase as or via a third party?.

Which payment methods are available?

Available payment methods are depending on the e-commerce platform, the region, and the currency. FastSpring is the main e-commerce platform used by the Wiki Transformation Project.

When checking out, the following payment methods are available in most regions:

  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal Checkout
  • Wire Transfer*

Additional payment methods may be available, like PayPal, Amazon, Check, or Money Order. For FastSpring, see a complete list here: Payment Methods accepted by FastSpring.

Note that not all payment methods are available for recurring payments with automatic renewal. Please get in touch if automatic renewal is an issue.

*) Note that for wire transfers unique banking information will be created for each order.

What are your payment terms?

Payment due 14 days after invoice receipt. The license key is sent immediately after the payment has been received.

When using the online checkout form, the invoice is generated upon checkout.

How to purchase as or via a third party?

Please proceed as described in above How to purchase? section. The license purchased is always bound to a named client. If you are a consultancy, note that per the Terms of Service you cannot use one license to serve multiple clients (no “consulting license”).

After purchasing, provide the client details (email, name, address) via email to [email protected].


Before discussing partnership terms and special pricing, we recommend securing 10 sales for your clients to assess the fit and demand. Once achieved, we’ll be delighted to explore a mutually beneficial partnership.


As a reseller the section How to purchase as or via a third party? applies.

Please find answers to specific questions below.

May we purchase on behalf of PARTY-A via a reseller (PARTY-B) for PARTY-C?

Yes, see above section How to purchase as or via a third party?.

Must mandatory agreements be signed?

No, but the Terms of Service must be accepted.

Is there channel discount that will be included?

No, see above section Partnership for notes about partnerships.

What is the delivery method?

WikiTraccs is provided as software download via GitHub.

WikiPakk is distributed as software download via Microsoft App Source.

Clients can download products at any time, with or without a license. Unlicensed products act as trial version.

Does the software auto-renew?

No, for WikiTraccs, the license does not auto-renew.

Yes, for WikiPakk, the subscription auto-renews every month or year (depending on the billing cycle chosen), until canceled.

Subscription-related terms as per the Terms of Service:

6.3.3 Automatic Renewal Terms: Once Customer subscribes, E-Commerce Platform will automatically process a subscription fee in the next billing cycle. E-Commerce Platform will continue to automatically process the subscription fee according to the chosen plan’s then-current rate, until Customer cancels their Subscription.

6.3.4 Cancellation Policy for Subscription: Customer may cancel their Subscription at any time by following the cancellation procedures of E-Commerce Platform. If Customer cancels their Subscription, the cancellation will take effect for the next billing cycle. If Customer cancels their Subscription, they can re-subscribe any time.

Are there additional mandatory costs, subscriptions, over usages or charges?

No, apart from the license costs there are no additional charges.

Last modified May 19, 2024