This article is a resource where you can definitions of terms that are used in this documentation.
Tenant (Microsoft 365)-Refers mostly to a SharePoint Online instance or sometimes the Entra ID that is associated with it, at least in this documentation. Tenants are often referred to by an ID like “170dd63a-3297-6006-8060-493a8304d6fc”. They can also be referred to by a host name like “”, but that might not always be supported depending on the client used.
Tenant (Atlassian Cloud)-For details on Atlassian’s tenant concept refer to Atlassian Cloud architecture and operational practices. Throughout this documentation the tenant will refer to a specific Confluence instance (which is technically incorrect, but corresponds to the use of “tenant” to refer to SharePoint).
Site (SharePoint)Site Collection, SubsiteUsually refers to a site collection in SharePoint. It can also refer to a subsite in SharePoint, but those are not so widely used anymore in SharePoint Online. When working with sites they are usually referred to by their URL like “".
Site (Confluence)-In this documentation, a “site” refers to a Confluence instance. In a broader sense a site can contain multiple other products as well, like Jira. The Confluence site in WikiTraccs is referred by URL to Confluence (like “” or “" ). This might change in the future when WikiTraccs handles more products and grows its Confluence cloud coverage.
Last modified June 19, 2024