How does WikiTraccs work?

This article describes the basics of WikiTraccs.


WikiTraccs migrates content from Atlassian Confluence to SharePoint Online.

It does more than a simple migration, though. While migrating it will transform Confluence macros, links, images and more to its SharePoint equivalents. Thus it could be called a transformation rather than just a migration.

If you are looking for a solution that transforms your Confluence content into modern SharePoint Online pages WikiTraccs has got you covered.

How does it work?

The process of getting content from Confluence to SharePoint works roughly as follows:

Confluence export and SharePoint import is done page by page. When interrupted WikiTraccs will continue at the page where it left off. Just start the process again.

Transformations can be configured on a per-space basis. You configure which Confluence space is migrated to which SharePoint site. Multiple spaces can be migrated to the same site.

WikiTraccs stores transformation metrics for each page in SharePoint as metadata of the page. You can sort, filter and review directly in SharePoint to check the transformation result.

How to get started?

Read here to learn how to get started: Getting started

Last modified November 29, 2023