Installation and Update

This article shows how to install and update WikiTraccs.

Downloading and running WikiTraccs for the first time

Downloading and running WikiTraccs for the first time is covered in the Getting started guide, in section STEP ONE: Download WikiTraccs.

It boils down to downloading and extracting a zip file. No installation needed.

Updating WikiTraccs

New releases are published in the WikiTraccs Releases GitHub repository under Releases.

Updating WikiTraccs works as follows:

  1. perform the same steps as described in above section Downloading and running WikiTraccs for the first time, just to a different directory (so don’t overwrite the old version)
  2. (optional) if you configured something via appsettings.json copy this file from the old to the new directory, into the same sub directory (either WikiTraccs.GUI or WikiTraccs.Console)
  3. run WikiTraccs (GUI or Console) from the new directory

You are now running the new version of WikiTraccs.

The settings configured via the WikiTraccs.GUI “blue window” are preserved automatically. Those settings are stored in the current Windows user’s app directory. For details about the location, see File Storage.

As long as the temporary folder is not cleared the file is there. You can also back up and restore this file as needed.

Last modified February 29, 2024