Known Issues

This article is a resource where you can find information about known issues and limitations.


Pages with more than 2 MB of page text content cannot be created in SharePoint Online. This is a known limitation of SharePoint Online. Note that this does NOT mean page attachments, but actual page content. Pages hitting this limit would be massively long.

When migrating page restrictions, WikiTraccs will only migrate up to 200 user and group restrictions per page.

Overly long page titles break page creation in SharePoint. This is tracked in issue #3.

Changes to a Confluence page’s attachments are not counted as “page change”. The page is detected as unchanged, event if e.g. attachments are added.

Changes to a Confluence pages’s title will duplicate the page in SharePoint, as the file name of the SharePoint page changes. Those kinds of title changes in Confluence might also lead to stale or broken links in SharePoint. If already migrated pages (in SharePoint) link to the newly migrated page (that now has a new name in SharePoint), those links will point to the old page; or be broken if the old page is deleted manually.

The principal/metadata update mode of WikiTraccs currently can only handle up to 5000 attachments per page.

Current limitations of WikiTraccs.Console

WikiTraccs.Console does not close itself when it has finished migrating all scheduled pages from Confluence to SharePoint. Press Ctrl+C into the console window of WikiTraccs.Console to shut down the application, then close the window; afterwards you can start another migration. This is tracked in issue #61.

Last modified March 6, 2024