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Migration Samples

Want to know how content transformed by WikiTraccs looks like? This page has lots of visual samples.

    You’ll find pairs of images in the sections below. The first image shows a screenshot of a Confluence page. The second image shows how the content looks in SharePoint.


    Confluence Text Formatting

    SharePoint Text Formatting

    Confluence Headings and Paragraphs

    SharePoint Headings and Paragraphs

    Confluence Text Alignment and Indentation

    SharePoint Text Alignment and Indentation

    Confluence Things from the Plus Menu

    SharePoint Things from the Plus Menu

    Confluence Lists and Task Lists

    SharePoint Lists and Task Lists


    Standard Layouts

    WikiTraccs transforms the Confluence layouts to the matching SharePoint layouts.

    Confluence Standard Layouts

    SharePoint Standard Layouts

    Here’s the edit mode of the two pages containing layouts:

    Confluence Standard Layouts in Edit Mode

    SharePoint Standard Layouts in Edit Mode

    Notice how SharePoint only provides one three-column layout. WikiTraccs chooses this for both three-column Confluence layouts.

    Sections and Columns

    In Confluence users can create arbitrarily nested constructs of sections and columns. Even combinations that don’t make sense are sometimes allowed by Confluence or carried over by faulty migrations. WikiTraccs tries hard to make sense of what it finds.

    WikiTraccs converts sections and columns to tables as there is no other equivalent in SharePoint.

    Confluence Sections and Columns

    SharePoint Sections and Columns

    Note: It would be possible for WikiTraccs to convert the simplest section/column configurations to proper SharePoint sections: Issue Link.


    Note: the following list is not complete. Have a look here for a complete overview: Known Confluence Macros

    Confluence Info Warning Tip Note

    SharePoint Info Warning Tip Note

    Note: WikiTraccs won’t use cell background colors as those are not available in the SharePoint text web part (at least for the user). That’s why colored markers and emojis are used to indicate the type of note.

    Confluence Code Macro

    SharePoint Code Macro

    Note: WikiTraccs transforms Confluence code block macros to SharePoint code web parts. But only its content and not the properties, so syntax highlighting will be off. There is an issue for that: Issue Link.

    Confluence Panels

    SharePoint Panels

    Note: The formatting capabilities in SharePoint are very limited.

    Confluence Status Macro

    SharePoint Status Macro

    Confluence Images

    SharePoint Images

    Note that a hyperlink has been configured for the first image. The user can click the image to navigate to the link. WikiTraccs migrates the link to SharePoint.

    Also note that the Google logo on the Confluence page links to an external image. SharePoint does not allow linking to external images, due to security and privacy concerns. WikiTraccs downloads external images and then migrates them as page attachments.

    Note: Inline images can sometimes mess up line breaks. WikiTraccs v0.2.0 took a great step in the direction of tackling those issues - check it out!

    Confluence Links to Pages and other Content

    SharePoint Links to Pages and other Content

    WikiTraccs changes regular Confluence page links so that they point to the new SharePoint page location.

    WikiTraccs will also transform links to other spaces. To do this it needs to know which space maps to which SharePoint site - this is done via the Space Inventory list.

    Furthermore, plain text links (“hard links”) are migrated as-is, unless they link to a Confluence page. WikiTraccs should be able to figure those out.

    Page Attachments

    Confluence Page Attachments

    SharePoint Page Attachments

    There is more information available in this blog post: New attachments macro transformation

    Users and Groups

    Confluence Mentions and Profiles

    SharePoint Mentions and Profiles

    In SharePoint, WikiTraccs creates “mention texts” like in Confluence. Those link to the SharePoint people search where the search field is pre-populated with the mentioned user’s email address.

    People profile and image macros are converted to the “mention text” format as well.

    Note: When migrating, WikiTraccs needs a certain permission level to access user’s email addresses.


    In Confluence users can do a lot with tables. In SharePoint not so much. Have a look at the Nested macros and tables section in Features to learn more about that.

    Confluence Simple Tables

    SharePoint Simple Tables

    Confluence Table Widths

    SharePoint Table Widths

    WikiTraccs normalizes Confluence tables and the result can be seen below. Tables are de-nested and merged cells are un-merged:

    Confluence Advanced Tables

    SharePoint Advanced Tables

    Confluence Larger Tables

    SharePoint Larger Tables

    Note: Wide tables are usually a challenge for SharePoint because SharePoint pages are narrow compared to Confluence. SharePoint shows a scroll bar if the table is wider than the page.