Multilingual Pages

Resources that cover migrating multilingual Confluence pages to SharePoint.

How does the translation work in Confluence?

There are third-party apps that enable users to translate pages in Confluence. WikiTraccs currently supports Scroll Translations.

How does the translation work in SharePoint?

SharePoint has a history of more or less usable approaches to multilingual user interfaces and content.

WikiTraccs supports different ways of migrating page translations from Confluence to SharePoint:

  1. migrating only one language, the translation with most content in Confluence
  2. migrating only one language, as chosen via configuration (not yet supported)
  3. migrating all translations to a single SharePoint page (default mode, supported as of WikiTraccs 1.4.2)
  4. migrating each translation to a separate page in SharePoint (not yet supported)

Refer to the following pages for more information

Info about Scroll Translations

This article provides some background information about the Scroll Translations solution.

Migrating all Languages to one SharePoint Page

The easiest apprach to migrating all Confluence page languages to SharePoint.

Migrating to Multilingual Pages in SharePoint Online

This article covers migrating Confluence pages to SharePoint Online, using the out-of-the-box multilingual pages features of SharePoint.

Last modified July 12, 2023