Settings & Configuration

This article is a resource where you can find configuration options for WikiTraccs.

How to configure WikiTraccs

You’ll start configuring WikiTraccs and your Confluence to SharePoint migration at two places:

  • inside the blue window that is WikiTraccs.GUI
  • in SharePoint lists that WikiTraccs creates, in a SharePoint site you create (the WikiTraccs site)

In most cases, using the blue WikiTraccs.GUI window and the SharePoint lists for configuration is enough.

Some settings, though, aren’t available for visual configuration in WikiTraccs.GUI. For those you need to use another approach that involves a configuration file.

Both approaches are described in the following sections.

The visual and convenient configuration via WikiTraccs.GUI

In WikiTraccs.GUI an often-used subset of configuration options is available for visual configuration.

The following settings and functions are available in WikiTracs.GUI (or a SharePoint list it creates), no need to use the config file for those:

This is everything needed to get a migration going.

One SharePoint list central to configuring WikiTraccs is the Confluence Space Inventory list, or short Space Inventory. This list is created and populated by WikiTraccs when you select the Prepare WikiTraccs site and update space inventory button.

WikiTraccs overall creates the following lists in the WikiTraccs Site when you select the Prepare WikiTraccs site and update space inventory button:

  • Confluence Space Inventory - for you to select what to migrate, and where
  • Confluence User and Group Mapping - for you to map Confluence user accounts to Entra ID accounts (and groups)
  • WikiTraccs Locks - for internal use
  • Confluence Permission Snapshots - for internal use

The following resources have more information:

The more involved configuration via config file and WikiTraccs.Console

More settings are available via WikiTraccs.Console and a configuration file. Only when you want to change those settings you have to use the configuration file.

Use the configuration file for the following advanced scenarios or non-default configurations:

  • changing the configuration often, e.g. for automation purposes
  • using different authentication methods for different target SharePoint sites
  • toggling feature and debug flags not available in the GUI
  • changing the location where Confluence content is stored during the migration
  • manually configuring the Chrome driver for Confluence login in a locked-down environment
  • configuring timeouts for external domains
  • migrating single pages by page ID

The following resources have more information:

Configuration via WikiTraccs.GUI (blue window)

This article provides information about the settings in WikiTraccs.GUI. The GUI approach allows to easily configure WikiTraccs in a clickable user interface.

Confluence Space Inventory

This article is a resource where you can find information about the Confluence Space Inventory list.

Configuration via Configuration File

This article is a resource where you can find configuration options for WikiTraccs that are set via a configuration file.

Last modified May 30, 2024