How to migrate Confluence Content using Space Selectors

This article describes how to migrate whole spaces to SharePoint.

Selecting whole Confluence spaces for SharePoint migration is the easiest way to map and migrate Confluence content.

Why use a space selector?

With space selectors you tell WikiTraccs what to migrate on a per-Confluence-space basis.

Usual scenarios are:

  • migrate each Confluence space to a corresponding SharePoint site
  • migrate multiple Confluence spaces to one SharePoint site, for example for archiving purposes

If that is a granularity you can work with, do it. It’s easier than CQL query selectors and content ID selectors.

Where to configure space selectors?

Go to the Space Inventory; it should already contain a list of all Confluence spaces WikiTraccs found, when you followed the steps of the Quick Start tutorial.

Set a check mark in the Wt_Setting_RequestTransformation column for every space you want to migrate.

Here’s what the Space Inventory list might look like:

Project AlphaPALPHAx
Project BetaPBETAx
Customer ServiceSERVICE

Note: Other columns have been omitted for brevity.

In the above sample, three spaces have been selected for migration: Project Alpha, Project Beta, and Miscellaneous.

Space selectors are relevant for link transformation.

When WikiTraccs transforms a cross-space link from PAGE_SOURCE to PAGE_TARGET, all selectors in the Space Inventory will be checked if they contain PAGE_TARGET.

Having found a selector that contains PAGE_TARGET, WikiTraccs uses this selector’s WT_Setting_TargetSiteRootUrl value to create the link.

Be sure to fill those WT_Setting_TargetSiteRootUrl columns for all selectors, not only the ones to be migrated.

Last modified June 20, 2024