How to map Confluence Spaces to SharePoint Sites

This article describes how to configure which Confluence space is migrated to which SharePoint site.

WikiTraccs allows to define a target site collection for every space it migrates.

Migrate to one target site by default

WikiTraccs by default migrates everything to the default target site.

When using WikiTraccs.GUI you enter the default target site URL into the Default target site input field:

Default Target Site Configuration in WikiTraccs.GUI

When you don’t configure anything else, WikiTraccs will migrate all Confluence pages to this SharePoint site.

Configure a different target site for spaces

When you want WikiTraccs to migrate pages from different spaces to different target sites, you configure this mapping in the Confluence Space Inventory list in the WikiTraccs site.

The Confluence Space Inventory list has a column WT_Setting_TargetSiteRootUrl. Enter the target site root URL there.

Target Site Root URL Column

When the WT_Setting_TargetSiteRootUrl column is empty, WikiTraccs falls back to using the default target site URL for that space. It is totally valid to set a target site URL only for some spaces.

In general, when migrating pages, WikiTraccs translates links between Confluence pages to proper links between SharePoint pages.

The target site mapping is important to properly resolve cross-space links.

When migrating a Confluence page that points to a page in a different Confluence space, WikiTraccs looks up the target site URL for that space the page links to. It then uses this target site URL to create the proper link in SharePoint.

The links WikiTraccs creates in SharePoint follow a specific naming convention. This convention is roughly as follows (for pages):


(The resulting page file name is stripped of any characters that are not allowed in SharePoint.)

When a Confluence page is migrated to SharePoint and this page links to another page or space that has not yet been migrated WikiTraccs can nevertheless create the link. WikiTraccs doesn’t care if the target exists. It will exist once it will have been migrated.

This allows WikiTraccs to migrate a Confluence space where pages link to other pages or spaces that have not yet been migrated, while still creating valid links.

Last modified September 18, 2023