Source Configuration

Configuring the Confluence source of the migration.

Confluence Base Address

Enter the Confluence base URL into the Confluence base address field.

Source configuration

Note that the base URL might differ from the one the end user sees in the browser address bar.

How to manually check that the base URL is correct?

You can check that the base URL is correct by appending /rest/api/user/current and opening the resulting URL in the browser.

Example: Log in to Confluence. Then, assuming the base URL is, open in the browser. It should show you information about your current user.

Confluence Authentication Type

Choose Anonymous if Confluence is accessible without a logged in user.

Choose Interactive Login to log in interactively. When starting the migration, WikiTraccs will open Confluence in a browser where you can log in. Then, WikiTraccs takes the session cookies from this browser session and uses them when accessing Confluence. To Confluence this looks like the user that was used to log in is accessing the content.

Advanced Settings

Choose the Advanced button to open the advanced settings dialog.

In the Additional cookie names input, enter the names of additional cookies WikiTraccs should use to authenticate with Confluence. Separate multiple names by semicolon ;.

WikiTraccs checks the presence of those cookies when testing the Confluence connection. The test fails if those cookies cannot be found.

Last modified December 1, 2022