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Architectural Overview of WikiTraccs

The following image shows which building blocks are at play when running a WikiTraccs migration.

The building block explained:

Building blockPurpose
Client’s computerA computer running WikiTraccs. Uses Windows as operating system. You control this computer.
WikiTraccs console applications (GUI, Console)WikiTraccs consists of two .NET-based console applications: WikiTraccs.GUI.exe and WikiTraccs.Console.exe. WikiTraccs is portable, no installation is necessary.
ConfluenceThe source Confluence environment that should be migrated to SharePoint. You decide whether this environment is being connected to via HTTP or HTTPS by using the respective URL scheme (http://, https://) in the source address configuration of WikiTraccs.
Confluence migration accountThe account used to log in to Confluence. WikiTraccs uses the session of this account and therefor has access to everything this account has access to.
SharePoint, MS GraphThe Microsoft 365 target environment that will be migrated to. All connections are HTTPS and TLS-secured. For the state of TLS in Microsoft 365 have a look at Preparing for TLS 1.2 in Office 365 and Office 365 GCC.
SharePoint migration accountThe account used to log in to SharePoint. The permission that WikiTraccs has is the intersection of this user’s permission and the permissions configured for the Entra ID app registration.
Azure AD App Registration for WikiTraccsEntra ID app registration that allows WikiTraccs to work with Microsoft services on an API level. See Registering WikiTraccs as app in Entra ID for details.
Locally stored filesWikiTraccs stores files locally on the system it runs. Those files comprise: attachments downloaded from Confluence, log files, caches, WikiTraccs.GUI configuration, debugging-related files (if certain debug settings are turned on)
Client’s migration teamThis is your migration team.
WikiTraccs supportSupport channels, mainly GitHub, email, and Microsoft Teams. Support might ask for log files to diagnose issues. You decide if you want to provide those log files.
Other servicesOther services being used are documented below, and their respective endpoints in the Endpoint reference.

Other services

Google Chrome WebDriver Download

WikiTraccs launches and controls an automated Chrome browser for the Confluence migration user to log in, and to get the session cookies.

This automation requires the Google Chrome WebDriver to be downloaded and run. This is an application provided by Google and needs to match the Chrome version running on the migration machine. So after every Chrome update on the migration machine a matching Chrome driver will be automatically downloaded by WikiTraccs.

The endpoints used to get the WebDriver are listed in the Endpoint reference.

Further Information

Data Storage and Transmission

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Endpoint reference

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