Endpoint reference

This article is a resource where you can find endpoint information for WikiTraccs.

Required endpoints

The following table lists the required endpoints for using WikiTraccs.

Microsoft 365

Required EndpointPurpose
login.microsoftonline.comAuthentication with Microsoft
aadcdn.msftauth.netAuthentication with Microsoft
login.live.comAuthentication with Microsoft
*.sharepoint.comAccess to store pages migrated from Confluence to SharePoint

Atlassian Confluence REST

WikiTraccs uses the REST endpoints of Confluence. The REST endpoints are expected under the following URL:

  • <confluencebaseurl>/rest/api/

Automatic Chrome WebDriver download

The Chrome WebDriver is used by WikiTraccs to show a browser window for Confluence authentication.

Required EndpointPurposeOwner info
chromedriver.chromium.orgChrome WebDriver version detectionWhois registrant: Google LLC (CA, US)
chromedriver.storage.googleapis.comChrome WebDriver downloadWhois registrant: Google LLC (CA, US)
googlechromelabs.github.io/chrome-for-testing/latest-patch-versions-per-build-with-downloads.jsonChrome WebDriver version information for Chrome starting with version 115Github-Repository owner: Google Chrome team
edgedl.me.gvt1.comHost for Chrome WebDriver downloadsWhois registrant: Google LLC (CA, US)
storage.googleapis.comHost for Chrome WebDriver downloadsWhois registrant: Google LLC (CA, US)

Refer to the troubleshooting section for handling blocked connections to those endpoints.

Optional endpoints

Atlassian Confluence XML-RPC

WikiTraccs uses the REST endpoints of Confluence with one exception.

There is one endpoint of the old XML-RPC API that is being used to read space permissions, since those are not available via the REST API. This endpoint is expected under the following URL:

  • <confluencebaseurl>/rpc/xmlrpc/

Space permissions are currently retrieved by WikiTraccs but not processed during the migration. It currently is no problem when this endpoint is not available, but data about space permissions might be missing when a future release of WikiTraccs starts working with them.

Last modified February 16, 2024