Connectivity issues

This article covers how to handle connectivity issues.

The required endpoints are documented in the Endpoint reference.

Testing connectivity

The WikiTraccs GUI allows to test the connection to Confluence and to SharePoint. Select the Test Connection buttons to test.

Messages about blocked connections might look like this:

Connectivity note

Connectivity error

How to handle blocked Google Chrome WebDriver endpoints

WikiTraccs tries to detect and download the right Chrome WebDriver for the version of Chrome it finds (or which is configured to be used via the ChromeBinaryPath setting).

If auto-detection or download fails then manual configuration is necessary. Specifically two configuration options must be set:

  • ChromeDriverVersionOverride
  • WebDriverDirPath

Follow these steps to determine the right values:

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Open Chrome -> (Three Dot Menu) -> Help -> About Google Chrome
  3. Take note of the version (e.g. 86.0.4240.75)
  4. Open in a browser, with # replaced by the version from the previous step, minus the last part; so in this example the URL would be (it will be different for you)
  5. A web page opens and shows a single number (e.g. 86.0.4240.22) - this is the value you need to use as value for the ChromeDriverVersionOverride option
  6. Now open in a browser and search for the section ChromeDriver # where # is the version from the previous step, which in our case looks like this:

    Find the right ChromeDriver version

  7. Choose the headline which takes you to the download page for this ChromeDriver version:

    Download ChromeDriver for your platform

  8. Download the right zip file for your platform (Windows, Mac or Linux); the zip contains a single file (chromedriver.exe or chromedriver), which is the WebDriver
  9. Extract this single file to a folder; the path to this folder is the value for WebDriverDirPath

Now WikiTraccs skips the WebDriver version check and download. This should resolve connectivity issues to those endpoints.

Last modified August 25, 2023