Get the SharePoint Storage Format

This article covers how to get the storage format of a SharePoint page.

The SharePoint Storage Format is the technical under-the-hood view of a SharePoint page. It’s what WikiTraccs creates when performing the Confluence to SharePoint migration.

Use the REST API to view the storage format

You can use the SharePoint REST API to view the storage format of a single page in the browser.

You need the following information to do that:

  1. your SharePoint site address (example:
  2. the page item ID of the page to get the storage format for (example: 33)
  3. the title of the Site Pages library, in the site’s default language (examples: Site Pages (for English, note the space!), Websiteseiten (for German))

Using above information you now build the REST API address using this pattern:


So, using example data from above the address would look like this:

  •'Site Pages')/items(33)

Paste this whole address into the address bar of your browser where you are already logged in to SharePoint Online. This should show textual information about the page (in XML format). It should contain the text <d:CanvasContent1>.

When sending information to support, please provide the whole content shown by the browser.

Last modified February 12, 2024