Legacy: Confluence Page Hierarchy

This article covers how migrated page metadata from Confluence can be used to build a page tree.

The WikiTraccs Page tree shows a page tree like in Confluence.

Example of the page tree showing SharePoint pages in a hierarchical fashion.

Additional Site Pages Library Columns

SharePoint stores modern pages in the Site Pages Library.

WikiTraccs creates modern pages in the Site Pages Library as well.

Additional columns must be added to the Site Pages Library for the page tree to work.

Display NameInternal NameTypeNotesSample Value
Confluence: Id (WikiTraccs)WT_In_CfContentIdSingle line of textConfluence page ID118587460
Confluence: Title (WikiTraccs)WT_In_CfTitleSingle line of textConfluence page titleDemo Page
Confluence: Parent Id (WikiTraccs)WT_In_CfParentIdSingle line of textID of parent page (0 for the top-most pages)118587459
Confluence: Parent Id Chain (WikiTraccs)WT_In_CfParentIdChainMultiple lines of textChain of all parent IDs, starting with top-most, diving down to the right; using ;# and ;#;# as delimiters like in the sample value (None;#0 for top-most pages)Page;#118587415;#;#Page;#118587459
Confluence: Space Key (WikiTraccs)WT_In_CfSpaceKeySingle line of textSpace keyWTD
Confluence: Space Name (WikiTraccs)WT_In_CfSpaceNameSingle line of textSpace nameWikiTraccs Demo Space
Confluence: Sibling Order (WikiTraccs)WT_In_CfSiblingOrderNumberOrder in the page tree, lower numbers come first1

Create those columns via the Library settings of the Site Pages library.

When creating the columns, in the Column name input, enter the Internal name as stated in the table above. This is the only way to properly set the internal name in the browser.

The configuration of the Site Pages library now shows the added columns:

Column have been added to the Site Pages library.

In a second step, you can rename the columns.

Page Metadata

The page tree automatically picks up any metadata in the Site Pages Library.

Let’s manually enter metadata for some pages:

Page Metadata for the WikiTraccs Page Tree

Open or reload a page with metadata.

Now a breadcrumb should appear that looks like this:

WikiTraccs Page Breadcrumb

Selecting the page tree icon right of the breadcrumb opens the page tree:

WikiTraccs Page Tree

Last modified April 19, 2023