WikiPakk FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the WikiPakk Page Tree for SharePoint

This FAQ covers questions folks have while evaluating and using WikiPakk.

Note that this covers questions solely related to WikiPakk, but also questions related to WikiPakk in the context of a Confluence to SharePoint migration - which was the genesis of WikiPakk.

Q: Does WikiPakk work with “normal” SharePoint pages?

A: Yes. Each SharePoint site owner can decide to add the WikiPakk app to their site to allow users to organize pages.

Q: We would like to know why WikiPakk is set as a subscription model, as we will do the Confluence to SharePoint migration once.

A: WikiPakk provides value even after the migration.

Immediately after the migration, it will be useful because it picks up and displays the migrated page hierarchy. Users have an easier time finding their pages.

Over time, new SharePoint pages will be added, and the hierarchy needs to be adjusted. Since the page tree comes with an editor, users can just do that. Move pages around in the tree, change the hierarchy, organize knowledge. New SharePoint pages will be added at the right place in the hierarchy, just like in Confluence.

But WikiPakk also provides value for SharePoint users working in regular sites, that have no migrated pages in them. WikiPakk is fully compatible with out of the box SharePoint pages. SharePoint has no built-in way of organizing pages in a flexible hierarchy. The built-in SharePoint menus need to be updated manually and are limited to 2 or 3 levels of nesting. That’s where WikiPakk can help. Each site owner can decide to add it to their site. New pages will be shown in the page tree automatically, ready to be organized in just the right way.

Then there is Microsoft, constantly changing and evolving SharePoint Online, and WikiPakk has to keep up - which is a justification of the subscription model.

Given all that, many WikiTraccs users decide to add WikiPakk to the mix to at least ease the transition from Confluence to SharePoint.

Note that you can at any time cancel the subscription, I won’t hound you. Either it provides value, or it doesn’t. You decide (and hopefully give me some feedback).

Q: I was wondering if you offered a trial of the WikiPakk SPFx solution?

A: You can install WikiPakk from Microsoft AppSource and try it in trial mode. It’ll display a note that it cannot find a license but is otherwise fully functional.

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Last modified May 19, 2024