WikiPakk License Key Lookup and Refresh Flow

This articles shows how WikiPakk searches for and renews its license key.

Key to understanding the license key flow is that a license key always expires after one month. Start and end date of this period are baked into the license key.

When the one-month validity period ends, WikiPakk needs to refresh the license key. The refreshed key can be provided manually or gotten automatically by WikiPakk.

The diagram below might look complicated but boils down to:

  • Can an up-to-date, non-expired license key be found somewhere in the local browser/SharePoint environment?
    • Good: use that. Done.
    • Note: The license key that is stored in SharePoint can be updated at any time manually, which would be on a monthly basis. This can be automated, get in touch if you want to know details on how to automate that.
  • Is there only an expiring or expired license key available, at any location where a license key could be stored?
    • No problem. WikiPakk contacts the licensing server, shows the old license key, and gets a refreshed one that is valid for another month; that is, if the subscription is still alive.
    • Note: this does only work if there has ever been a license key configured, that is now expiring/expired.

Here is the detailed flow:

Last modified September 18, 2023